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July 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

max left yesterday morning for a trip to nicaragua. he and five other teenagers and three adults will be serving with a variety of ministries there. (check out: we are super excited for him.

as our fourth kid, max has some disadvantages (older siblings as parents/tormenters, can’t trick the parents cause they’ve seen it before, hand-me downs etc.) and some advantages (we’re pretty laid back and don’t worry much. which really means, we’re old and tired.) our three older kids have been on many similar trips all over the world. so as we drove to the airport we gave max our standard good advice when traveling abroad:

1. don’t eat anything you find on the ground.
2. don’t get married or start a family.
3. don’t get any tattoos.

feel free to use this good advice for your own kids.


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