twenty-five to celebrate twenty-five

August 2, 2011 § 5 Comments

today is our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary! as a young bride (with dark brown hair!) i could not imagine how much more i could love him. but i do.
here are twenty-five things i love about david…

1. the first time he held my hand was as we crossed the street, for my “personal safety.” he has been my safe place ever since.

2. he introduced me to the city i love the most in the world, nyc, by taking me there to ask me to marry him.

3. he braved the flea infestation of the home i lived in when we were dating.

4. he knew a two week honeymoon with one week worth of activity was the way to start our marriage.

5. he knew you could love some one to wholeness through deep, dark struggles.

6. he agreed “bubba” was not an acceptable name for our first child.

7. that having four kiddos in six years sounded like a great idea.

8. he loved my mom and daddy as much as me and cared for them so beautifully at the end of their lives.

9. he watched the brave little toaster, beauty and the beast, cinderella, and batman repeatedly, just to be with his kids. he is the best daddy ever.

10. he never told me how much it hurt when i gave him shots in his stomach.

11. he values laughing and crying.

12. he works through hard stuff to wholeness.

13. that new places to live and new jobs are fun instead of scary, because we’re together.

14. he was so prepared for y2k.

15. he taught me to love aliens.

16. he learned to love sports as much (ok, maybe just almost) as me.

17. he waited 10 years for me to learn to cook.

18. he found his passion in fly-fishing and that a trout can make his eyes sparkle.

19. he is willing to take risks.

20. he will go to both NASCAR races and the ballet with me.

21. he encourages the artist in me.

22. he is willing to let me decorate the house with my crazy design ideas.

23. he makes our marriage his highest priority.

24. he believes in me more than i believe in myself.

25. he loves Jesus with his whole heart and inspires me to love Him more too.


§ 5 Responses to twenty-five to celebrate twenty-five

  • mariajhmom says:

    Congratulations! We just celebrated our 25th in May. We are so blessed, aren’t we!

  • Debbie Bolen says:

    You guys have been my heroes for a LONG time…you are awesome examples of God’s grace and love in action.

  • this is the sweetest thing ever. happy anniversary to the both of you!!! you are an amazing couple & i look up to you guys so much.


  • nan says:

    what a beautiful tribute to a beautiful life – thank you for sharing and happy anniversary for many, many years to come!

  • George Porter says:

    Thanks for sharing with us – Karen and I have been so blessed by your friendship. We celebrated 45 years last month and it is hard to understand how you can be “more” in love now than then. Congratulations, and we love you guys

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